Providing the region with sustainable agriculture

Nutrinor Agriculture encompasses a mill, two plant hubs, two fertilizer plants, three grain centers (two are certified organic), many warehouses and stock farms.

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The Nutrinor Sustainable Agricultural Pact

The Nutrinor Sustainable Agricultural Pact (NSAP), an ambitious program aimed at making the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region one of the world leaders in the emerging field of sustainable agriculture. This is a voluntary and progressive approach, well thought out and supervised by our expert advisers, which will benefit the 700 or so member producers who are now invited to subscribe to the process.

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Our team

Nutrinor provides expert consultants trained in the latest technologies and most up to date information for its customers. Their mission is to provide all necessary help through a broad range of cutting-edge services so farmers can achieve their goals.

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The Saint-Bruno mill produces feed and feed supplements for animals. Mainly using regional grains, 45,000 tons of feed are produced annually for farmers. Our top-quality products are not only intended for farm animals such as cows, horses, sheep, poultry and pigs but also domestic animals such as cats, dogs and rabbits.

In addition, at the start of 2019, our Saint-Bruno mill was certified organic!

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Grain centers

Farmers may buy, stock, process or market grain through Nutrinor grain centers. Our facilities allow us to accommodate several metric tons of grain earmarked for stockpiling, screening and drying. It is then shipped, after being graded by quality, to market or to our Saint-Bruno mill. Nutrinor also offers freight services to local producers towards our many facilities.

Since April 2019, our Normandin grain center has been certified organic by Écocert.

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Hog Production

Nutrinor produces over 400 pigs throughout our farms in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region every year.

All of our facilities have received the CQA certification (Canadian food safety program), uphold animal welfare (AW) standards and are free of antibiotic and growth hormones.

Poultry Production

2.5 million chickens are produced annually by Nutrinor in 10 chicken coops in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. Operational excellence and animal welfare in our facilities are the two main focuses. To this end, the Fédération des éleveurs de volailles du Québec (EVQ) regulates air and water quality as well as the number of birds per square meter. Eight of our chicken coops are antibiotic free and have the Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) and PNGVSA certification.

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Do you want to know our locations?

Consult our interactive map to find out all the locations of the different sectors of Nutrinor Agriculture.

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