Agri-food Business

Nutrinor acts as a link between consumers and member agricultural producers.

Nutrinor’s high quality food products stand out due to the value we place on our members’ and employees’ work and by showcasing the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean northern terroir.

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Dairy products

Made exclusively in Saguenay — Lac-Saint-Jean

Choosing a Nutrinor dairy product means choosing a cooperative on a human scale that values ​​respect for others and for the earth. Everything that goes into the composition of our dairy products comes from our unique terroir and geographically protected by its location north of the 48th parallel.

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Fromagerie Champêtre

Fromagerie Champêtre is a master cheesemaker with over 35 years of experience working alongside a passionate production team to create top quality delicious cheeses.

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Fromagerie Perron

In its search for perfection, Fromagerie Perron has been working to create quality products for over a century. Steeped in family tradition, The Perron family of cheeses stand out by their rich texture and exceptional taste.

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Charcuterie Fortin

Charcuterie Fortin is specialized in cooked ham and processed meats and prioritizes traditional taste and superior quality in its products.

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Boulangerie du Royaume

Delivering fresh, quality products made entirely in the Jonquière District of Saguenay City has been our mission since 1997.

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Spring water

Nutrinor spring water is sodium free and all natural. This natural spring is situated on the south slope of the Saguenay graben at a depth of 40 meters. The water is naturally filtered by one of the most important fluvioglacial surface deposits in the region.

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Royer Dairy Group

In the Nutrinor family since 2019, Royer Dairy Group is a reliable supplier and partner that combines 100 years of expertise in the dairy, cheese and ingredient industry.

Our purchasing power and our ability to handle your requests effectively make us a collaborator of choice.

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