Are you in the right field?

Nutrinor is 1,000 employees who evolve in a climate of cooperation and stimulating environments at the cutting edge of technology.

Working at Nutrinor means:

  • enjoy good working conditions;
  • work in a positive and friendly atmosphere;
  • develop their abilities, talents and expertise;
  • have opportunities for advancement.

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Stability looking forward

Looking forward

Nutrinor will be celebrating its seventieth birthday in 2019 and is here to stay. Our place with Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean members is as relevant as ever. Our business growth has also given us visibility throughout the province of Quebec and Canada. Working for Nutrinor means planning for the future.


An advancing career

A world of opportunity awaits you at Nutrinor. The cooperative will widen your horizons with a variety of job positions in many different lines of business, whether you are an experienced worker or student. You could work your way up to a permanent position while holding a student job. A skilled worker could find a position suited to his skills and further advance in an ever-growing organization. By facing challenges that demand greater skills, we have become a learning organization. That is Nutrinor.


A cutting-edge cooperative

Prioritizing long term, sizeable investments are made to update our operating systems and equipment in every sector. Whether it be a cutting table that falls in our factory 4.0 vision at Charcuterie Fortin, advanced production processes used in our expanded dairy factory or our grasp of the globally recognized HACCP certification, you are working with the highest industry standards at Nutrinor. We need you for our constantly evolving business.


Choisir selon nos valeurs

Définition : “Action de participer à une œuvre commune.”

Pour Nutrinor, le nom féminin coopération s’emploie au quotidien et fait partie de toutes les décisions de la coopérative. Créée par les membres agriculteurs afin d’unir leurs forces à celles de la terre pour accroître de façon durable la richesse collective, Nutrinor  fait rayonner ses membres, employés, marques  en ayant toujours en tête ses valeurs les plus profondes. Cet esprit de coopération fait donc partie intégrante de la vie chez Nutrinor.