Become a Member

The benefits of joining a cooperative!

Joining the Nutrinor cooperative, a winning move!

Why become a member?

  • As owners, cooperative members participate, with other members, in the establishment of company guidelines that transform and bring products to market;
  • The opportunity to become an administrator of the cooperative and to perfect entrepreneurial skills;
  • Decide with other members, the distribution of overpayments of the cooperative;
  • Profits from buying power considerably increased by the unifying strength of other cooperatives;
  • Access to the latest technological services;
  • Admissible to the Régime d’investissement coopératif thereby allowing tax savings while making solid investments;
  • invitations to technical meetings, support groups and information meetings which all contribute to personal development;
  • Possibility of investing RIC shares in a self-managed REER;

To be a shareholder in the cooperative, one person, one joint-stock company must;

  • Be an agricultural producer;
  • Fill out and sign a membership application;
  • Subscribe and pay an amount of $100.00, being the value of 10 shares at $10.00 each, as prescribed by the rules of the cooperative;
  • Sign up for a period of five years to purchase or receive goods or services from the cooperative or representatives of the cooperative;
  • Agree to sign a subscription agreement for member shares, 240 shares at $10.00 each, as well as qualifying membership shares;
  • For members working in milk production, agree that the cooperative be authorized to manage the collection and transport of milk (transport, payment, etc.);
  • Be admitted and accepted by the council.

How to become a member?

Contact Mélanie Tremblay for any questions call 418-343-3636 ext. 2232 or by email.