Nutrinor Spring Water

Produced in a modern facility in Hébertville, Nutrinor spring water is your best choice.

Natural spring water, sodium-free, and naturally filtered through one of the biggest fluvial-glacial sediment deposits in the region.

Through the use of ultramodern equipment, Nutrinor spring water is analysed daily, and exceeds up to seven times the quality standards set out by the Quebec ministry of the environment, which has some of the most exacting regulations worldwide.

Nutrinor source purity

Nutrinor spring water is entirely natural and sodium free. Sourced 40 metres below the surface on the south side of the Saguenay Graben, the water is naturally filtered by one on the biggest fluvial-glacial sediment deposits in the region. This exceptional geological structure is called “esker”. Formed during the last quaternary ice age, about 12,000 years ago, the esker is made up of stratified sand and gravel, making it an excellent filtering medium through which the water is extracted.

Our products

Nutrinor has a full range of bottle formats in stores:

  • 18 litres;
  • 4 litres;
  • 500 millilitres;
  • 500 millilitres, sport cap.

Water distributor maintenance

For your Nutrinor spring water to remain as pristine and clean as the day is was extracted, your distributor/cooler must be kept clean and uncontaminated.

  • Water bottles should not be reused to prevent bacterial proliferation.
  • You water cooler should be thoroughly cleaned every two months, as follows:
  1. Unplug the cooler and empty all remaining contents.
  2. Fill the tank with a bleach-water mixture (one part water for one part bleach).
  3. Let stand for 30 minutes.
  4. Rinse several times with fresh water.
  5. Now that your distributor is disinfected, do not forget to remove the taps and scrub them clean with a small brush. Rinse thoroughly.
  6. Let the taps soak in a bleach-water mixture for 30 minutes, as above.
  7. Rinse carefully and reinstall.
  8. Plug your unit back in.

Caution: Some distributor types cannot be thoroughly cleaned. This should be checked when shopping for a distributor to make sure all parts where water flows can be removed and cleaned.

Prevent spills!

Water may at times leak out of your distributor, which could damage your floor in the long term. This can be caused by two problems: 1) From a defective cooling unit, or 2) a defective bottle. Nutrinor performs various tests and operations at its bottling facility to make sure its 18 L reusable bottles are leak free. However, full bottles are handled during delivery and storage, by both retailers and customers, which can lead to micro-cracking. Those tiny cracks can result in slow leakage once the bottle has been installed on the distributor. Recommendations

  1. When moving full bottles, make sure they are securely restrained and away from any potentially damaging objects.
  2. Place your distributor on a watertight surface (e.g. a rubber boot tray).
  3. Do not place your cooler/distributor on a hardwood or floating floor.
  4. Within an hour after installing a new bottle, check for leaks, and even if the tiniest leak is detected, the problem could be caused by either your distributor or the bottle. Remove the bottle and contact customer service at 418 668-3051 or 1 800 267 5747. If the problem is not caused by the bottle, we will notify you quickly.