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Nutrinor’s distribution service for gasoline, heating oil and propane gives you energy to get ahead.

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Nutrinor énergies

Under the Nutrinor energies banner, Nutrinor serves a wide range of customers and fulfills their needs in petroleum products of all kinds.

Listening to your needs, our team of professionals on the road offers you unparalleled service for your agricultural, residential and commercial deliveries of petroleum products.

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Propane MM

Since its founding in Saguenay in 1950, Propane MM has been synonymous with professionalism and dynamism and offers its customers unparalleled service.

Our products and services are aimed at industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential customers as well as the restaurant and transport sectors. Whether it is the sale, maintenance or installation of specific devices that run on propane or butane, the Propane MM team meets the highest quality standards.

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