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Cooperatives have been assisting farmers since the beginning of the modernization period.

In order to help with the integration of certain markets, productivity improvement and aid for producers, cooperatives built several critical infrastructures and embarked on the sale of petrol products and farm machinery.

Establishment of Crop Insurance.

The 60’s brought perilous economic instability for the region’s producers. To improve conditions, emphasis was placed on the training of their members and on representation in organizations that were liable to influence the future of agriculture. These measures led to the creation of crop insurance.

Establishment of the Association coopérative laitière du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean (Cooperative Dairy Association of Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean)

The Association coopérative laitière du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean was established in 1967 in response to the problem of inadequate milk supply in small dairy plants. As well as assuring better distribution of milk for the manufacture of derivative dairy products, the cooperative brought together regrouped smaller plant producers to give them a more level playing field against larger milk producers.

The Chaîne coopérative du Saguenay develops the Coopérative avicole et porcine (Poultry and Pig Cooperative)

The Chaîne coopérative du Saguenay sets up the Poultry and Pig Cooperative in order to satisfy demand in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region.

The Association coopérative laitière du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean is renamed Nutrinor.

Nutrinor buys quotas from the Saguenay poultry and pig cooperative.

The fusion of Nutrinor and the Chaîne coopérative du Saguenay allowed the institution to be better equipped to continue its development. In spite of several reorganizations, notably in the dairy sector, Nutrinor continued to make progress and modernize.

Acquisition and diversification of its products.

In the era of globalization and facing new realities in commerce, Nutrinor entered a phase of product diversification.

Launch of the partnership between the Boucherie Charcuterie Perron Inc. and Nutrinor.

Integration of sustainable development into the company’s value system and mission statement.

Fusion of the Coopérative Grains d'Or with Nutrinor.

The fusion of Coopérative Grains d'Or with Nutrinor allowed the optimization of member services in the Lac-St-Jean sector.

Acquisition of the L. Fortin Charcuterie

Launch of a new image.

Since its creation, the Nutrinor symbol has influenced its regional heritage and has become part of the daily lives of its citizens. The logo symbolizes the motivation and expectations for Nutrinor employees as well as integrating those of their continually diversifying and growing clientele.

Nutrinor becomes the principal shareholder at Fromagerie Perron

Fromagerie Perron falls under joint ownership with Nutrinor, Capital régional et coopératif Desjardins and Marc Landry.

Nutrinor invests 7.7 million in its dairy processing plant.

Nutrinor will expand its plant by10,000 square feet and double the treatment capacity for ultra high temperature processing (UHT) by adding aseptic tanks. New production and bottling lines will also be added.

Nutrinor acquires Fromagerie Champêtre

The Coop des deux rives and Nutrinor Cooperative consolidate

We are proud to join together and maintain a strong presence in the midst of our agricultural producers. The proximity of the producers is a priority for our board of directors and brings strength to all the sectors in which we are involved.

Nutrinor announces the acquisition of the Boulangerie du Royaume

Nutrinor announces the acquisition of the Boulangerie du Royaume with minor investor Gilles Couture, a certified accountant with considerable experience as a business consultant. This investment will assure the sustainability of the Boulangerie and develop a value chain that will favor regional crop production.