Our approach

Sustainable development is a sound management philosophy that plays in instrumental role in our decision-making process. It ensures true coherence in every one of our actions.

Our management cycle

Our commitment to sustainable development, the basis of our cooperative’s continuous improvement approach, focusses on the periodic assessment of our environmental, social and economic performances. Likewise, our management cycle ensures that our approach is constantly moving forward.

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Our six frameworks

Six evolution frameworks were implemented to monitor the actions resulting from our sustainable development plan. Our commitment to these frameworks guides the goals and targets we strive to achieve.

Culture and membership

Nutrinor is committed to implementing an efficient organizational culture based on sustainable development principles, fully aligned with its cooperative values and the needs and expectations of its members.


Nutrinor is committed to being transparent and efficient in its communications with its internal and external stakeholders.

Economic viability

Nutrinor is committed to ensuring the sustainability of its activities and maximizing the creation of collective wealth by improving its economic performances.

Work environment

Nutrinor is committed to ensuring a safe, stimulating, healthy and pleasant work environment for all employees.

Production and ethical consumerism

Nutrinor is committed to promoting the development of products and services from ethical value chains, especially by valuing the work of its producer members and employees.

Natural resource management

Thanks to the continuous improvement of its management and production processes, Nutrinor is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of its activities.