Nutrinor énergies

Under the banner Nutrinor Energies, Nutrinor offers a complete line of petroleum products to a very diversified client-base.

Service Areas

Nutrinor Energies is, first and foremost, a network of service areas throughout the Saguenay-Lac Saint-Jean, Haute Côte-Nord and Chibougamau regions, offering a fresh new way to refuel and buy regional products.

Nutrinor Energies – Rethinking the road together!

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Rewards Area

Our new Rewards Area Points Program gives you the opportunity to earn points in each of our Nutrinor Energies service areas. So, make your next stop at one of our locations to get your free card and start travelling the rewards route. Our Rewards Area Card is more than just another card in your wallet; it is a unique opportunity to interact with an innovating and dynamic cooperative that is fully committed to rethinking your road experience.

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Commercial fuel stations (card system)

Nutrinor Energies serves its commercial customers under its Halte entreprises banner, a powerful network of eight commercial 24/7 fuel stations spread across the Saguenay-Lac Saint-Jean, Haute Côte-Nord and Chibougamau areas.

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Nutrinor Energies’ agricultural, residential and commercial customers can fully rely on a team of delivery professionals that will see to their every need with top-of-the-line petroleum products and services.

Nutrinor Energies – A dynamic regional cooperative!

Petroleum equipment

Sound advice for buying and installing petroleum distribution equipment can save you time and money. Nutrinor Energies is a leading petroleum equipment sales , installation and maintenance team, that is ready to answer your questions regarding the petroleum equipment regulations in force in your area.

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