Pro² conversion

Propane MM, under the banner Pro² Conversion, is a company specializing in the conversion of gas-powered cars and trucks to propane.

Why convert to propane? To save and to get greener A gas-powered vehicle converted to propane can save you up to 40% in fuel costs and reduce your GHG emissions by almost 20%. Yes, propane is less polluting and less costly than gas. Conversion can lead to significant savings, whether you own a personal vehicle or a fleet of commercial vehicles. Pro2 Conversion brings you an alternative fuel that is economically and environmentally viable, making you a partaker in sustainable development. With over 200 conversions to its credit in the Saguenay−Lac-Saint-Jean region and a wide distribution network, Pro2 Conversion is the logical choice if you want to make the jump to propane power for your vehicle!

Map of the distribution network

Over and above their greater autonomy, propane vehicles can rely on our wide distribution network. Indeed, Propane MM’s self-serve propane stations are located across the Saguenay−Lac-Saint-Jean region, and in Chibougamau, La Tuque and elsewhere around the province. You can cover long distances without worry… you will always find a place to fill your tank.

Network map