Nutrinor is one of the leading food co-ops in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region.

Nutrinor cooperative is involved in four major areas of expertise:

  • the agri-food branch whose brands allow the company to shine throughout the province and elsewhere in Canada.
  • The agricultural branch offering expertise, support and products to the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean farmers to better guide and serve them while encouraging innovation.
  • The energy branch offering fuel, heating oil, propane and propane vehicle conversion services.
  • The hardware branch offering tools and maintenance services.

Mission et Ambition

Combining our strengths to those of the land for sustainable growth of our shared resources. Propelled by the authenticity of its resources and the strength of its brand, Nutrinor cooperative is always moving forward.

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Transparency means we are held accountable for our actions and for the products we market. We transmit complete quality information that is presumed to be correct, accessible and understandable. We believe in an ethical governance approach, which means always being honest and being able to account for our actions and decisions.


Empowerment involves managing in a way that allows initiative and creativity to better adapt to continual change. We have established a culture that promotes delegation, trust, risk taking, proactiveness, empowerment, partnership and a commitment to sustainable growth.


Innovation implies embracing new ideas, enabling us to refresh and renew our products and services. It also means finding new ways of working with our employees, members, partners and clients. We encourage a creative and participatory work environment.


Through recognition, we nurture respect for individual and collective contributions within our organization. Many actions are taken both internally and externally to transmit continuous tangible signs of our recognition.


Through the agro-food branch, Nutrinor acts as a link between consumers and member agricultural producers. Its agro-food products set themselves apart through superior quality, increased acknowledgement of the work done by its members and employees and by showcasing Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean’s exceptional northern terroir.

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Nutrinor Agriculture encompasses a mill containing many varieties of animal feed, a vegetal hub comprised of a fertilizer plant, a pesticide warehousing unit that meets phase 3 agrochemical products standards, a grain and forage plant warehouse, as well as marketing activities and grain processing. Nutrinor owns a hog and poultry branch that deals with pig and poultry farming among other types of farming.

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Nutrinor’s presence in the energy sector for the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region is upheld by two specialized banners: Nutrinor énergies sells oil products and Propane MM offers propane and related services. Each of these branches account for a large part of their respective markets and are well known and recognized. Nutrinor énergies is the most important independent gasoline distributor for the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region and Propane MM accounts for over 50% of propane sales in the region.

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Operating under the BMR, Unimat and Coop banners, Nutrinor hardware stores main focus is offering top quality products and outstanding customer service.

Our hardware stores also provide specialized tools and equipment to meet regional producer requirements through our agrarian department. Drawing strength from local human resources, Nutrinor has become a cornerstone of the hardware division.

Over 50 qualified employees are always available to answer any question and are trained to offer expert advice on our products.

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