Combining our strengths to those of the land for sustainable growth of our shared resources.

With 1,051 members and more than 1000 employees, Nutrinor has sales of nearly $ 585 million and more than $ 234 million in assets. Rooted in Saguenay − Lac-Saint-Jean and established in different regions of the province such as Montreal, Capitale-Nationale, Côte Nord, Lanaudière, Montérégie and Nord-du-Québec, Nutrinor is one of the most important agri-food cooperatives in the Quebec.

It is present in four main sectors of activity, namely agrifood, agriculture, energy (petroleum and propane) and hardware stores. Its mission: to join forces with those of the earth to increase collective wealth in a sustainable way.

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Through its agri-food sector, Nutrinor bridges the gap between its agricultural producer members and consumers. Nutrinor’s agrifood products are distinguished by their superior quality, by an increased appreciation of the work of its members and employees and by the enhancement of our northern region, Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean.

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Nutrinor Agriculture brings together a flour mill containing several species, a plant center including a fertilizer plant, a storage of pesticides meeting the standards of phase 3 agrochemicals, a warehouse for seeds of cereals and fodder plants as well as marketing and marketing activities. grain processing. Nutrinor has a pig and poultry sector, including pig and poultry farms.

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Nutrinor’s presence in the energy sector in Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean is ensured by its two specialized banners: Nutrinor energies, which sells petroleum products and Propane MM, which offers propane and related services. These two banners are known and recognized and occupy a very large share in their respective market. Nutrinor energies is the largest independent gasoline distributor and Propane MM accounts for more than 50% of propane sales in the Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean region.

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Nutrinor’s hardware stores, under the BMR and Nutrinor Ferme & Maison banners, are constantly concerned with offering high quality products and impeccable service.

Our hardware stores also include an agricultural component to meet the requirements of regional producers for specialized equipment and tools.

A regional pillar, Nutrinor’s hardware sector draws its strength from the human resources coming from our community. Thus, our three businesses have a team of more than 50 competent employees who are always available to answer your questions and trained to provide you with adequate information on our products.

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Cooperatives support farmers from the start of modernization

For the integration of certain markets, the improvement of productivity and assistance to producers, cooperatives erect several critical infrastructures and engage in the sale of petroleum products and agricultural machinery.

Establishment of crop insurance

The 1960s gave rise to a perilous economic context for regional producers. To improve the lot of the latter, the emphasis is on training their members and on their representation in organizations that may influence the future of agriculture. These steps lead to the creation of crop insurance.

Foundation of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean dairy cooperative association

In response to the problem of insufficient milk delivery to small dairy plants, in 1967, the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean dairy cooperative association was created. In addition to ensuring a better distribution of milk for the manufacture of derived products, it brings together small productions in order to enable them to compete with large factories.

The Saguenay cooperative chain develops the Poultry and Pork Cooperative

The Saguenay cooperative chain sets up the Poultry and Pork Cooperative to meet consumer demand in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

The Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean dairy cooperative association is renamed Nutrinor

Nutrinor buys quotas from the Saguenay Poultry and Pork Cooperative

The merger of Nutrinor with the Saguenay cooperative chain allows the institution to be better equipped to pursue its development. Despite several reorganizations affecting the dairy sector in particular, Nutrinor continues to progress and modernize.

Acquisition and diversification of its products

Beginning of the partnership with Boucherie Charcuterie Perron inc.

Integration of sustainable development into our mission and values

Merger of the Grains d'Or Cooperative with Nutrinor

The merger of the Coopérative Grains d'Or with Nutrinor makes it possible to optimize service to members in the Lac Saint-Jean Est sector.

Acquisition of Charcuterie L. Fortin Limited

Launch of the new image

Since its creation, the Nutrinor symbol has marked our regional heritage and has taken root in our lifestyles. First created for its members, it must now meet the expectations and motivations of its members while integrating those of its clientele, which is constantly growing and diversifying.

Nutrinor becomes main shareholder of Fromagerie Perron

The company thus becomes the joint property of Nutrinor, Capital régional et coopératif Desjardins and Marc Landry.

Nutrinor invests $ 7.7 million in its dairy processing plant

The project consists of expanding the dairy processing plant by 10,000 square feet in addition to doubling the capacity for processing ultra-high temperature ("UHT") milk, in particular by adding aseptic tanks, and by adding new lines of milk. production and bottling.

Nutrinor acquires Fromagerie Champêtre

Nutrinor cooperative announces today that it is acquiring a majority stake in Fromagerie Champêtre. The company located in Repentigny, in the Lanaudière region, is now owned by Nutrinor and Capital Croissance PME. This transaction is part of the cooperative's three-year investment plan and confirms its desire to become a leader in the food industry.

Coop des deux rives and Nutrinor cooperative merge

We are proud to unite to maintain a strong presence throughout the territory from which our agricultural producer members come. Proximity to them is a priority for our boards of directors, as we want to remain strong in the sectors in which we are involved.

Nutrinor cooperative announces the acquisition of Boulangerie du Royaume

Nutrinor announces the acquisition of Boulangerie du Royaume with a minority investor, Gilles Couture, a chartered accountant with extensive experience in business consulting. This investment will ensure the sustainability of the bakery and develop a value chain that will favor regional plant production.

Launch of the Nutrinor Sustainable Agricultural Pact (PADN)

After having implemented its sustainable development approach over the past ten years, the time had now come for Nutrinor to migrate it to its member producers.

Alain Royer dairy group

We are pleased to welcome the Alain Royer dairy group to the Nutrinor family, with its expertise in the cheese and dairy industries and that of ingredients for the food industry.